Gloucester Spiritualist Church is a small independent Christian Spiritualist church close to the city centre and near Gloucester Park. The church was originally founded in 1939 in Russell street. In april 1954 some members separated to form Gloucester National Spiritualist Church.  Gloucester Spiritualist Church continued and moved to it's current premises in 1959 becoming known as Gloucester First Spiritualist Church in 1981.  You are assured of a warm welcome at any of our events. We normally hold  clairvoyance on Saturday evenings at 7pm on first  saurday each month and weekly divine services on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm. Healing is usually available on service evenings by request. Information on our upcoming services and events will be inserted on this page.


We look forward to welcoming you. Contact Malcolm on 07732 688678 for more information.
Our Sunday evening divine services begin at 6.30 pm.
Saturday evenings of clairvoyance are from 7pm to 8pm. ( 1st Sat each month ).


We will be resuming our Saturday evenings of Clairvoyance from Saturday 2nd March 2024
Thereafter they will continue on the 1st Saturday each month until the end of November 2023.
Do come along and support them. We would love to see you.

Sunday evenings: 6.30pm

See Below.


Sunday 23rd June Ann Loy Williams of Gloucester.
Sunday 30th June. Betty Quinn of Cheltenham.
Sunday7th July Janet Higgins of Telford
Sunday 14th July Yvonne Smith of Gloucester.
Sunday 21st July John and Sue Geis of Gloucester
Sunday 28th July Ted Saunders of Bristol.


Saturday 4th May. Geoff Morris of Worcester.
Saturday 1st June. Sue Moss of Hereford.
Saturday 6th July. Carol Green of Cheltenham.
Saturday 7th August. Angela Gillett of Evesham.

November to end February there will be no Saturday services. They will resume from first
Saturday in March 2024.


  • Henley Court Montpellier Gloucester GL1 1LF